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Our Mission:


We exist to provide a better life through community.

We are creating Comunita for open-minded people who want to live differently, more affordably and more sustainably as part of the sharing economy.

We believe that all humans desire to be a part of a community and live a life full of enriching experiences.  

Comunita is the Italian for Community and our intention is to create a highly curated coliving space that has an emphasis on meaningful relationships, self improvement and wellbeing.  

“Community centred living makes a shared house a home”


Our Vision

We will build communities that are inspiring places to live, play and even work. Comunita is based on micro apartments where each resident has their own private room which is connected to a larger community area with a large shared kitchen, living room and play/relax areas which we refer to as the Home.

Each private room comes fully furnished with a king sized bed, living room, TV, study desk, kitchenette and private bathroom.

Using blockchain technology we intend to provide a platform for fractional ownership for our residents.

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A community approach to independent living 2009

“co[living] can be understood as a wealth-creation strategy that allows people to develop affordable housing enriched with an abundance of social capital.” 

Charles Durrett


 its more than just living together, there are events opportunities for personal development and chances to give back with community service

It’s not all about parties (although we have a few).

Comunita is about building a holistic community where we help to build each other up through personal and interpersonal development.

We support each other and the broader community through community service.

We refer to this as “activation”. This is the process whereby our community teams plan a diverse range of activities that will help bring balance into the lives of all those who love in the Home.

You can learn more about our coliving manifesto here and what we believe are the important fundamentals for a thriving coliving community.

coming in 2020


Yeah thats right we’re not live yet…

We are working hard behind the scenes to bring Coliving at scale to the New Zealand, Australia and then up into Asia. Sign up below for our newsletter and updates.


whats going to be included?

all included in your monthly RESIDENTS fee

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private residence

Every member has a private bedroom, lounge, which is fully furnished with a nightstand, lamp, and a comfy bed.


free high speed wifi

Our homes are optimized for high-speed, commercial-grade WiFi, included at no additional cost to you.


weekly cleaning

Once a week, our professional team cleans all private and shared spaces within the Home.

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gaming area

Many of our residents are keen gamers. All our Homes have Xbox as standard for you to play to your hearts content.

old-clare-hotel-chippendale-sydney-pool-ROOFPOOL0717 (2).jpg


All our Homes have a swimming pool for the residents to use. There’s also a spa pool to relax and unwind.



Nothing beats getting around town like a scooter. Just grab one and go. Quick and easy to use.

2018_tesla_model-3_sedan_performance_fq_oem_4_500 (1).jpg

electric vehicle use

As a resident you’ll have access to a Tesla Model 3 without added cost.



All of our private residences come with their own en-suite bathroom with large shower & toilet


property services

Our property services team makes sure we respond to all maintenance requests within 24 hours.


high end shared kitchen

Every shared kitchen in the Home is outfitted with high-end appliances, dishware, and other essentials.


shared laundry

Every home comes with free laundry, and all of the supplies you’ll need for it. No coin operated machines here.

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coworking space

Some of our Homes have a coworking space for our residents to use along with the general public.

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streaming services

All our private residences come with an AppleTV loaded with a Netflix account as part of your monthly resident fee.

Dogpound_Group-Workout-2 (2).jpg


No need to have a gym membership. Everything you need is provided at the Home.

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private kitchenette

Every private residence has a kitchen at that is outfitted with high-end appliances, dishware, and other essentials.



If you’re ready to transfer to another room or home within the community, simply put in a request.


play zone

Want to hang out with other residents and just have some fun? All our homes have a dedicated gaming area.


community garden

At the community garden you can help support our efforts to provide fresh produce and greenery for the Home.



Sometimes you just have to make a quick trip and an electric cycle might just be a quick and healthy way to get there.


library / QUIET ZONE

Sometimes you need somewhere quiet to get away and relax. Take advantage of the onsite library.

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bike storage

Need to store your bike? We’ve got you covered.


optional extras

not included in your monthly residents fees but available on location

Amherst Makerspace Woodshop (1).jpg

maker space

Are you a crafts-person? If so then some of our locations have a fully equipped maker space where you can physically create.

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coworking space

Some of our Homes have a coworking space for our residents to use along with the general public.

Big-Yellow-Self-Storage (1).jpg

self Storage

Got a little more you need to store? No worries we have storage units in the basement in a range of sizes.


other amenity at the home

each home will have other amenities that you can access


convenience store

Within the retail footprint is a convenience store for you.


wellness centre

located within our homes is full wellness and spa centre.



We all have our favourite coffee house and bar. Each of our Homes has a cafe at the ground floor.

technology enabled community

Introducing Ciao

Caio is our way of connecting our community and making it easy for our residents to get access to all their Home services. One App to rule them all!


Our community events are curated by our community services team, and include everything from archery classes to group brunches. With the app, residents can stay up to date on the latest social gatherings and create their own events for other members to attend.


With access to Ciao by Comunita’s directory, Residents have the opportunity to truly know their neighbors and enjoy all the benefits of shared living. By filling out their profile, residents can find each other based on city, home, or interest tags. It’s communal living made easy.


Ciao is your key to everything at Comunita. You can do everything from access your private residence to make purchases from the residents market. No need to carry keys, cash or a card. It’s all on your phone app and all secured by your smartphone security.


Looking to chat with other members? Or invite a new resident to dinner? Through our app’s Chat feature, connecting with resident and new friends has never been so easy, Members can message each other one on one or through interest and home-based groups.


Comunita is a cashless environment. Via the app using our QR code system you can buy products from the in Home market place. This includes but is not limited to food, snacks, daily essentials and other convenience items. Ciao can be connected to ApplePay, Alipay and Google Pay.


City living doesn’t have to be expensive. Along with the value that coliving provides, we’ve partnered with local and national brands to give our members exclusive discounts and deals. The best part? We’re adding new ones all the time, and they’re updated directly in the app.

“Ciao is Italian for Hello”

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Remember …coming in 2020


Yeah thats right we’re not live yet…

We are working hard behind the scenes to bring coliving at scale to the New Zealand, Australia and then up into Asia. Sign up below for our newsletter and updates.


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