our Coliving Manifesto

Coliving has emerged as a viable alternative to the suburban dream thanks to its ability to provide community and convenience, but the sector has yet to reach its full potential in tackling loneliness, access to housing and environmental sustainability. At Comunita, we have developed a more ambitious and holistic vision for coliving that maximises both meaningful community building and shared resources for economic and environmental benefit. This is our Coliving Manifesto.

We define coliving as authentically community-based living. Residents share not only certain physical spaces and resources but also an interest in actively shaping their coliving community around the values of inclusiveness, cooperation, environmental sustainability, and meaningful human relationships.

Coliving is a modern take on the very old concept of living in a geographically-centred community. It is an intentional return to a collective approach to life that blends the individual needs of social connection, personal space, and individuality with the collective needs of empathy, sharing, and co-creation. Through this combination of proximity and actively-developed community, we address the twin spectres of isolation, housing and overconsumption that are so common in 21st-century urban environments.

A shout out to Conscious Coliving for their open sourced manifesto framework.

The pillars of our manifesto

Awareness: Broadening our worldview and learning to better empathise with others, ourselves, and the natural world.

Environmental Sustainability: Prioritising a low environmental impact in community design and policy.

Physical Space: The innovative design of the physical environments that support the well-being of the community as a whole, its members as individuals, and the natural environment around us.

Wellbeing: A home where you can thrive socially, mentally, and physically.

Community: Enabling growth and sense of belonging for all residents.

Management & Operations: Efficient management of the community with judicious use of technology.

Financial Model: Sustainable and attractive fiscal planning that is appealing to residents, operators, and investors.

Planning, Policy, & Regulation: A proactive and self-reflective approach to policy, continually evaluated to integrate learnings and best practice.

Our Business Values:

  • Self-awareness

  • Sharing of resources

  • Growth - collective & individual

  • Collaboration & Co-creation

  • Creativity

  • Environmental sustainability