Why Choose Coliving?


The meaning and reasoning behind coliving is different to many people.

For young people, it is a way to explore the world, finding themselves an instant community of like-minded people.

For professionals, coliving offers a new network of connections and team building opportunities, enriching their working experience.

For the older generations, it is a way to combat the loss of community; a push back against the rise of loneliness that comes with age.

The team at coliving.com wrote about the “why” behind the growing trend of people choosing to colive, organising it into three categories underlying everyone’s choice.

1. Reinstating balance

In this modern world, we are working more hours than ever, with our economic circumstances still remaining changeable and often uncertain. Coliving is a positive outcome from this. Alongside, its coworking sister, they both offer flexibility to the work forces of today. 

You’re able to work remotely in a living environment which still offers areas similar to your workplace. This allows you to change up your routine and change your scenery. Through having the freedom to adjust the way we live and work, wellbeing and productivity increases. All coliving spaces provide fully equipped and reliable workspaces.

The focus is on collaboration over competition, where different people, companies and organisations can bounce ideas off each other and work together, sharing wisdom, tools and resources.

Alongside this, workers are wanting to make the week more fun as well — so it’s not just the weekend people look forward to, but every day offers something new, interesting and joyful to take part in. This idea reflects between coliving and coworking.

2. Living and growing together

We’ve been taught that working long and hard hours is the only way we can earn high salaries and afford the “desired lifestyle” of living in a big house, filled with fancy expensive things, of being able to dress in branded clothes and travel luxuriously around the world.

Coliving is offering an alternative way of thinking. Through offering a safe community we can belong to, we are reminded, the most important and valuable things are spending time with those you love, and taking part in activities which bring you joy. Things which cost hardly anything at all.

Coliving spaces are ready-made communities, filled with like-minded people. They encourage shared meals and offer many events where you can show up and spend quality time with the people you love, as well as meeting new people and establishing connections of new friends all around the world. The activities and events offered are varied too, catering to everyone’s different likes and needs. Whether you are extroverted or introverted, coliving adapts to suit you and everyone ends up learning from each other.

3. Play as productivity

There is no longer a “one size fits all” model of success. People are realizing there is more to life than working a job which pays the bills until you retire. Financial fulfillment is increasingly linked to personal fulfillment. Because of this, a central part of coliving is ‘play;’ the coliving foundations built on the idea of experiences bringing people together and creating new relationships.

Rather than just passing through your office and nodding hello to your fellow coworkers, coliving creates opportunities to actually get to know the people around you through the sharing of experiences.

If you live in a coliving space, what is your ‘why?’