frequently asked questions?

Here is some of the questions we get asked about what will be included in Comunita’s offering. Click on the question below to see the answer.

When will Comunita launch?

We are currently working to opening our first location in 2020.

What is coliving?

Coliving is a new way of living inspired by the old, with community and collective experiences at its core. Starting with the basics, it offers shared spaces such as a bar, restaurant, gym, library, laundry, roof terraces, hot desks and more. Using this space to bring everyone together, we are creating collaborative and fun environments that expose members to new people, new ideas and new experiences.

Specifically, what kind of common spaces do you have?

We will have themed dining rooms, a library, a games room, a cinema, the garden, a sauna and spa, a roof terrace and the laundrette. Then, every floor has a shared kitchen. We also have the lobby and The Collective Bar + Kitchen, both great places to hang out or work.

how many private rooms will there be?

Most locations will have at least 150 private rooms.

Will I have roommates?

Yes, but not in the way you probably think. Each private room (apartment) has its own living area, bathroom, kitchenette and bed so you can have privacy when you want it.

Once you step out your door you are then with your roommates sharing a common kitchen, dining area, Living room, gaming/relax area. About 20-30 people will share these with you and they are your "roommates".

Each cluster of 20-30 roommates will then share other amenity in the Home like the pool, library, gym etc.

What do you mean when you say "Home"

The term Home refers to specific building. Each building is considered a home. Where we build a campus in future each building will be referred to as a Home with multiple Home's forming a Neighbourhood.

what is a resident?

Resident is our term for member.

Will pets be allowed?

We are a pet friendly community however your Pet has to meet certain requirements and behaviour requirements. Some of our roommate residences will be pet free to allow for people with allergies and the likes.

Is there an age limit?

All applications will be considered on their merits and potential community fit but as a general rule we typically support 21-40 year olds. We do not support university students as there are student accomodation options for students.

What do I get when I become a resident at Comunita?

Your membership at Comunita means that for one all-inclusive rate, you will get: a private furnished apartment, a beautiful fully furnished shared area to share with 20-30 people, weekly cleanings, laundry on-site with all laundry essentials stocked for you, utilities included, household essentials like cookware and cleaning supplies stocked for you, WiFi, Smart TVs, Sonos speakers, keyless entry, and of course, access to a friendly community just outside your door.

Will I have to share a bathroom?

All apartments will have private bathrooms. Our Studio and one bedroom apartment have one bathroom and our two bedroom apartment has one shared bathroom. Our three bedroom apartment has one bathroom and one ensuite.

Will there be options for couples?

Yes, we will have rooms for couples. Your partner will be required to pay a reduced resident fee.

What will the application process like?

The application process will be quite easy and wil all be handled online, or in-person if you’re local. First you will fill out the application form on our site and chat with one of our community team. Please note we will conduct a background check, and if everything checks out, you sign your residents agreement.

Will I be signing a lease?

At comunita you are not signing a lease but a resident agreement that provides you with a license to your room and the Home. Just like a hotel agreement when you travel but it just has a longer term.

I need to be able to store bigger items?

All our locations will have secure 24x7 storage that you can rent for larger items. Anything from a few boxes to a kayak can be stored.

Someone told me you will have an Electric Vehicle like a Tesla?

Let's be clear. We won't have a Tesla for every resident although that would be amazing! Each Home which is typically 150-200 residents will have two Model 3 (or similar) EV's. Residents will be allocated a number of credits per month that they can use to book the EV's. Nights and weekends require more credits than the middle of the working day. The EV is booked via Ciao the Comunita app.

What are the minimum terms of stay?

70% of our rooms will be on 12 months terms. 15% are 7-12 months 10% will be 2-6 months and 5% will be short term stay of a month or less.

Why are 5% of your rooms going to be short term stay?

By allowing a small percentage of short term stay we can bring new energy into the space and also allow for people who are unsure if coliving is for them to try it for a few days or week without needing to commit longer term. This is a great way for the community to meet new people.

What will the payment options be?

All payments will made on credit card. Direct debit is another option but with an additional processing fee attached.

Will there be a bond?

Yes, there is a refundable bond but the amount depends on your contract term. If you are under 6 months two months fees (exclusive GST) are required as a bond. If you are 12 months then 3 months fees are required (exclusive GST) as a bond. If you renew your contract after being within us for 12 months then we will return all but one month of your bond. If you leave Comunita your bond will be refunded to you within 7 days of your handback and assuming there is no damage or outstanding fees.

Will I have to pay any agents fees if they have introduced me?

If there are fee's payable then Comunita will cover those fees.

If I want to move out how much notice is required.

If you are on a 12 month term then 3 months notice will be required. Under 12 months 2 months notice will be required.

What sort of events can I expect to see?

We will have a variety of exciting events at Comunita, from yoga classes, film nights, creative workshops and live music as well as partner events. Most events will be free to attend and are a great way to meet new people and experience something new!

Will I be able to host an event?

We will encourage our members to host their own community events and will have a huge range of different spaces available, from the library and gardens to the games room, cinema and dining rooms.

Can I decorate my own room?

Make yourself at home but please don’t hammer anything into the wall. Any damage incurred will come out of your bond when you leave.

What happens to my membership if I want to leave early?

If you want to leave before your membership ends you have the option to find someone to take over the remainder of your license agreement.

Is my room cleaned and my linen changed?

Yes! We will have an entire team dedicated to exactly that. Room cleaning and linen changes are once every week. You'll be given a schedule so you can plan ahead. All the common spaces are cleaned every day. If you want to have your room cleaned more then there is a little charge applied and it is all organized on the Ciao app.

Can I have friends to visit and stay?

This is your home, so yes! You can have visitors to stay in your room, however, we also have guest rooms available for rent per night for visitors staying for longer periods.

Is there 24/7 concierge?

There will not be a 24x7 concierge present but we will have a 24x7 team that can support you remotely via the app. Our community teams will be onsite daily from 7:30am to 8:30pm Monday to Friday should you need to talk with someone in person.

Will someone be able to sign for my parcels if I am not there?

Of course. Our community team will be on-call to sign for parcels that arrive when you’re out. You can then come by to pick them up when you're back Home.

Is there parking on site?

We will only allow for a few carparks that can be rented as we want to encourage people to walk, bike or scooter around town as much as possible. Our community teams do however keep track of local carparking stock should you wish to secure a car park.

What is the size of the bed?

We will have King sized beds for Studio's, One Bedroom, Two Bedroom and the master bedroom in the Three Bedroom. The other rooms have queen size beds.

Is the laundry facility free?

Yes, all this is included. Everything is controlled by your app.

Am I responsible for changing the lightbulbs?

Nope. Our in-house maintenance team will be there to fix anything from a lightbulb to a chair leg and anything in between. If you encounter any problems just let us know via the app and we’ll make sure it’s fixed.

Is there a curfew?

There will be no curfew, but we will ask you to be respectful of your neighbours in the community. We will have a quiet hours policy that kicks in after 10pm from Sunday to Thursday and 12am on Friday and Saturday.

What happens if someone is being inappropriate to other residents.

At Comunita we have a "No Dickheads" Policy and anyone who is in breach of that will be removed from the community. We ask all residents to be mindful of their behaviour.

Who can access my Room?

Other than yourself the room can be accessed by the cleaners and in the case of an emergency the community team. The app allows you to grant remote access if necessary.

Security cameras?

Yes, we have security cameras in our shared areas.

What is the WiFi like and is it limited?

We will use a commercial grade network and our buildings are running off fiber connections. We pride ourselves on fast internet. The internet is unlimited however we do have a fair use policy in place.

Is the internet secure?

It will be secure from remote hackers and the likes but within the Home it is a public network so if you want absolute security then you need to run a VPN.

What are the rules around Alcohol, smoking and drug usage.

Comunita is a smoke free Home. Alcohol will be permitted in your private residence and also in the shared areas where identified and within certain times of day. Drug use will not be tolerated on the premises.

Who can help me if I have an issue?

The community manager of each home is your first point of contact. If they are unable to solve your question then it will be escalated.

Are children allowed?

Currently none of our Homes are suitable for Children however we hope to bring that product to market in the near future.

I need somewhere to work from?

Each Home has a coworking area for the residents and for external members of the public who want to pay for access. You can use that space using our credits based system or alternatively work from your room at your dedicated desk.

What are Comunita Credits

Each month you will be allocated a number of credits for different things like the EV Car or access to the coworking space. You can use these credits as you wish or store them up. They have a 12 month life. If you end your membership with Comunita then your credits are cancelled.

Where do I store my food?

Each room will have its own kitchenette for some storage or alternatively you can storage some of your items in the shared kitchen.

What other activities can I expect?

We will have a wide variety of activities which are called activations. Some are fun, some are about personal development and some are about giving back and community service. Check your app frequently to see what's going on in your home and get involved.

Do you have community meals?

Yes, once a month each group of "Roommates" will have a shared meal which is paid for by Comunita. We encourage residents to eat together more frequently if they can.

Do I have to pay to use the scooter, electric bike?

All accessible by credits. If you've run out then you can easily top up. Remember you will get a certain amount for free each month.

Are there meetings for the residents

Each month we have a roommates meetup to discuss and review issues that may have arisen in the group. This is a chance for the residents to express their concerns. The Community Manager will be in attandence as the moderator if it is needed.

Is power unlimited?

Yes, power is unlimited BUT it is a fair use policy. If you leave your Aircon/heater on 24/7 and you are not in your room then we might address that with you.

Do you pay referral fees?

We won't pay referral fees BUT we do offer a referral gift to our residents. It can be taken as credits or a credit note against your next fees. Or if you really generous we'll donate the $$ to our nominated charity for the year. (Each home has a nominated charity).

Are there vending machines on site?

Yes, we will have vending machines for the middle of the night munchies. We try to make sure that it is as healthy as possible.

I need good coffee in the morning?

Each Home will have a barista grade coffee machine (usally in the lobby area) where you can make youself a free coffee. We'll even teach you how to make it.

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